For almost 20 years now, my career has revolved around the synthesis of technology, entrepreneurship and mass market applications. During that time, I had the privilege to build great companies together with researchers, business leaders and engineers from all over the globe. Today, I help the next generation of entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.

As a technologist, my journey spanned the fields of physics, computer science, electrical engineering and psychophysics (visual perception). Together with brilliant collaborators from over a dozen universities, I developed several fundamental advances in display and projection systems as well as cameras, video encoding and image processing. Protected by over 100 patents, this work has been broadly adopted by the display industry with local dimming LED display technology being the de facto standard for televisions today and high dynamic range (HDR) encoding becoming the format of choice for broadcasting. Our work garnered plenty of awards but most importantly it has impacted hundreds of millions of people with displays that not only look better but also consume significantly less power than any of its mass-market predecessor technologies.

As an entrepreneur, I have co-founded several successful technology startups and scaled them to successful outcomes, including the sale of BrightSide Technologies to Dolby Labs in 2007. During that time, I have led the growth of incredible teams in a handful of international cities, raised over a dozen financing rounds – and several venture capital funds in the case of TandemLaunch – from well over 100 individual and institutional investors, negotiated strategic agreements with most major consumer technology companies, and executed dozens of technology transfer agreements with a global network of over 50 universities.

At TandemLaunch, we take the lessons learned from our entrepreneurial journeys to help aspiring entrepreneurs build their own companies through coaching and hands-on operational support (plus, we write them cheques!). Each of our ventures has a different path, but they share central believes in the value of good people, international perspective and diversity (~80% of our founders come from outside of Canada, ~50% are women, 100% are awesome!). Beyond TandemLaunch, I believe strongly in the value of mentorship and try to give as much as I can to my broader community. This includes service on the boards of over a dozen organizations such as the Society for Information Display and MITACS, but also just spending time with a future leader walking in the door. So give me a shout if you are in town!